Mixed by Paul Cheeba

Sonomad (US) - Road To Somewhere - vocals Shana Halligan
Endless Blue (US) - Green Eyes - vocals Laura Hillman 
The Blue Square (Greece) - Blind Colours Of The Soul - vocals Melentini 
Natalia Clavier (Argentina/Spain/US) - Into The Day 
Kognitif (France)- So Let’s Begin - vocals Jeanette Robertson
Cyesm (France) - No Go - vocals Camille Corazon
The Smart Set - Don’t Wake Me (US) - vocals Brandi Emma
iiiii eyes x #soundspace (Ukraine) - Delphina Hvylyna - vocals Marija Cheba 
Alpha (UK) - Covers Been Blown - vocals Hannah Collins 
Mac Guffin (France) - Knife Edge - vocals Barbara 
Himalayan Dalai Lama (Czech) - Bloom vocals Hamina Shesnotscared
Celeste Lear (US) feat Thr 33 - Experience
Carol C (US) - Hide Away 
Puracane (UK/Argentina/US) - Hours - vocals Ali Rogers
My Dirty Face (Italy) - Underneath - vocals Sara Belia
Lorelei Carlson (US) - Rape Me Nirvana cover 
Daybehavior (Sweden) - Godspeed - vocals Paulinda Crescentini 
Supreme Beings Of Leisure (US) - Everywhere - vocals Geri Soriano Lightwood
Goloka (UK) - Tobacco Slide - vocals Kasia Wojciechowska

Best Of Female Vocals - special edition Trip Hop Nation Friends

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