The latest offering from the folks at We Grow Wax is from the truly unbelievable Sound Me, with a project titled "Growing". 

Sound Me fully embodies the ambiance and a sense of dualism in captured between a dark past giving way to a brighter future. Aani spins her lyricism into an art that paints a picture of love lost searching for a genuine connection, in a world that seems to have long forgotten the almost reminiscent old school values embedded in the unique style delivered by Sound Me. 

A perfect concoction of heavy-hitting drum breaks, dubby instrumentation, and angelic vocals, this album will make you drop out and drift away. Deep and moody soundscapes laced with dark, hypnotic beats and powerful vocals remind us of massive attack, but bringing a new flavour of trip-hop. 

Delicate brass lines, filtered samples and deep funky bass drive the groove and there is accomplished scratching throughout. Throw this on your headphones, close your eyes and get ready for the journey.


released August 19, 2016 

All lyrics and vocals by Aani 
All beats and scratches by DJ Mr. K 
All trumpets by Przemysław Klisik 

All songs recorded at EOS Studio, Wrocław 
Mixed and engineered by Mateusz Hryniewski 

Band photos by Aleksandra Kubiak 
Cover, booklet , CD and bonus photos by JonBrnsPhotography 

Cover and Booklet design by BGFX 
Copywriting by Pete Range and Ethan Corrigan 
Project Management by Tomasz Ochman 

Sound Me - Growing

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