Voice/Guitar: Sophie Diggelmann
Guitar: Sara Diggelmann
Bass: Franca Mock
Maybe we should thank Jack White for taking the spirit of Blues Rock to the present age during the past 15 years and thus sharing the relevance of one of the eldest of all rock music genres. White smoothed the path for bands such as The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Deap Vally. All of them with charismatic women right at the front conquering territories between Garage, Blues, Fuzz Rock and Riot Grrrl Punk, a territory where recently a new exciting band has parked their crooked van: Velvet Two Stripes.

St. Gallen, Switzerland of all places! Where Catholicism, banks and an embroidery factory go hand in hand is the place where in 2011 a band was formed which combined Riot Grrrl Punk, Blues and Garage Rock. The half-swedish sisters Sophie Diggelmann and Sara Diggelmann, eldest of the band with 25 years, and the bassist Franca Mock grew up in St. Gallen and live in Zurich now, making music together since the young age of 12.
The girl's parents taught them everything there is to know about music by introducing their daughters to Eric Clapton, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and to the good old Blues. The rest comes with garage Rock, The White Stripes and The Strokes during the 2000s. The time has come for their own band. And what a band this is!
Finally a European band ready to rival with the big fish in the scene, challenging the boys for their garage while proving that young women very well have a sense for real Blues.

In 2014 their debut Album "VTS" is released. Surprisingly mature, bluesy and as soon as the drum machine kicks in, ain’t too far from The Kills. 
On their new in March 2017 to be released EP Got Me Good they grow even tighter together and their drum machine is replaced by Jazz trained drummer Carlo Caduff on the record as well as live on stage. 

VTS - 8x15

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